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Anonymous asked
Hello! Can I have a really DIRTY harry imagine?? My name is Sabrina! Thanks xx

******SMUT WARNING******** WARNING SMUT**********

"I can’t wait to sleep for a million years". You heard the weariness in Harry’s voice and imagined that he was probably hunched over in his tour bus bed when he said that. Your heart hurt for him every time he went through a low spell. There was much more to him than the cheeky smirk he wore before the public eye. You knew he had moments where he just wanted to run from everything, but people would always be following him. Neither of you spoke as you listened to each other’s breathing over the line, something that seemed to always soothe him. Eventually you mustered the courage to break the silence, "When are you coming back?".You heard Niall and Zayn talking in the background before Harry answered you, "We still have 83 tour dates, but next week we have four consecutive days off." His voice got extremely hushed, "I want to fly out for a break." You knew it was exactly what Harry needed, "Houdini act huh?" you smiled on your side. You almost knew Harry would be biting down on his lower lip in a grin, "Yuuup". To disappear.
It was his idea to have a desert picnic, so the two of you rented a couple of camels and went in a reasonable amount into the desert. With civilization still partially in view he had chosen the spot in the sand. The camels were watered and the food brought was eaten and all that was left before heading back was to rest. With the camels way ahead in that idea, Harry inched himself close to his sleeping camel on the ground. He cautiously put his arms around it and buried his body into the camel’s warmth without waking it up. He grinned in success causing you to laugh before he closed his own eyes. Soon enough he was asleep and you took to your own camel for a headrest. You found yourself sweeping his resting body with your eyes, stopping on his slightly parted pink lips. As he laid humped against the camel hump, you imagined him spooning you before a sleepy moan had fallen from his mouth. You could not fully comprehend how the amazing boy asleep before you was truly yours and not a desert marrage or your imagination. Being completely honest, what all that Harry was to you exceedingly surpassed what you could ever ask, think, or imagine. You knew better than to fall asleep under this Egyptian sun, so you gave Harry another ten minutes before waking him up with a kiss. “Mmmm…” he sleepingly hummed as he puckered his lips with one eye open in search for yours That had left him. Your camel, which was now alert and awake, stretched its head down towards Harry and directed it’s lips for his puckered one’s. Harry hurriedly pushed its head away shouting, “No not you!” as he quickly got up from where he laid. You couldn’t help but laugh at the acknowledgement that even Camels understood Harry was hott, you rubbed your camels neck before laughing again as you directed to it, “I understand. Trust me I know buddy, but he’s mine!” Once the both of you had everything packed up, you set back for the town. Even though it was a bit hot, you were able to see and appreciate the beauty of the desert as you rode atop your camel. The wind blew and tossed the shimmering sand bringing it to life just as much that the unique desert plants and animals were. You turned around to look at your boyfriend who was riding after you. He looked as if he were having second thoughts about how good his idea was to come out here, he had began to properly sweat and looked beyond ready for a shower and a proper nap, “Are we there yet?” he whined. “Well we’re closer. Do you want some water?” you offered with a laugh. You tossed back your container before he could answer and he caught it gratefully. When the town was only a few kilometers away Harry suddenly came tto life, coming up to your side he yelled, “Race you there!”, And motioned his legs for his camel to take off. “Harry! ” You screamed after him. You didn’t think it was a good idea to race camels into a town, but you took off after him anyway. Catching up with him, You called out, “LOSER KISSES THE WINNER’S CAMEL!” and as if your camel understood it sped up on it own, And was now a full neck length ahead of Harry’s. Your Camel was definitely a Harry Girl.
Just when you thought you’d pull ahead for the win, something in the sand spooked your camel and it back peddled, letting Harry pass it up on his camel and continue towards the town. “Noooo!” you screamed as you watched Harry speed by. Defeat was unavoidable at that point so you tried to calm your camel down and see what frightened it. “Its okay, it’s okay,” you soothed it as you climbed off it. You scanned the sand before it looking for the reason for your defeat. Not seeing anything you were about to conclude your camel was delusional when the wind tossed the sand and you caught sight of shimmer before the wind blew sand over it again. You marked that spot with your eyes and went over to it. Youbrushed along the sand with your Palm until you uncovered a large coin. It looked very old. You took it and placed it into your pocket and climbed back unto your camel.
“What took you so long?” Harry teased as he waited for you at the stand in which the camels were rented, “You’ve got a camel to kiss”. You climbed off your camel with a smirk, “Whatever, it’s okay. I don’t even mind. I found an ancient coin out there and its probably worth millions”, You say pulling out the coin. Harry looked intrigued as the Egyptian merchant came around to collect his camels. “Its an old coin, yes,” He said looking into your opened Palm, “But it’s only worth like 2 US dollars.” Harry let out a snort of laughter before catching his breath, “Kiss my camel”. You rolled your eyes as you moved in to kiss the camel, but it turn its head not wanting to kiss you. You looked up at Harry who only looked back at you with the expectation of you still having to kiss it. You tried again as he got his phone out to record, but the animal seemingly annoyed continued to avoid you. “I swear on your genitals Harry, if this Camel spits in my face…” You threatened but soon enough you were able to meet its lips for the quickest millisecond with a peck and you were finally able to leave the poor thing alone. Harry couldn’t stop laughing and the merchant carried on to tie his animals up while completely judging the both of you. He thanked you both for the business though, out of respect, and you two continued into the market. Your eyes looked over the racks and shelves for something $2 could probably get you before you came to find a woman selling hand woven bracelets. You gave her the coin and she gave you 4 bracelets meaning they were about 50 cents a piece. You motioned to her that you were simply just exchanging the colors she gave you to pick up brighter ones, yellow, orange, pink, and red. You thanked her and turned around to find your boyfriend. He was standing a few stands away, looking at an Egyptian girl. The girl had golden skin and long strong black hair which she twisted into a loose braid. She was dressed in spinning fabrics and accented with shining jewelry made of what looked to be gold and on her feet she wore leather sandals that could’ve so easily been those which Cleopatra wore. She was about 18 and she was beautiful. You were pissed and a little hurt. You we’re going to pretend you didn’t see anything and ignore Harry for as long as it would take for you to get over. Going the other direction you went off to find a distraction somewhere in the market.
Eventually Harry found you. He had several items in bag and was carrying an Replica Egyptian Pharaohs rod staff in hand, “Ready to go love?”. You shot him a look that made him question, “No?” You took off ahead of him in the direction for the hotel you were staying in, “..Yes?” he sped up along you with all his purchased goods. “Did you have fun today?” he asked you, trying to start conversion. But you remained silent. Harry looked straight at you, “You’re ignoring me.” You rolled your eyes away from him as if to say ‘duh’. The rest of the walk was silent between yall with Harry occasionally looking over at you, as if he would find a clue as to why you were ignoring him. When you reached the hotel and your room, Harry unlocked the door, “I’m sorry that I made you kiss the camel”, he apologized as he put down his purchases. At this point you were too annoyed to remain silent, “What the fuck Harry, that’s not why I’m upset!”. Harry looked just as offended as you as he opened his arms in his defense, “Then what the hell did I do?!” You nearly boiled over in jealousy just thinking back on it, “I saw you looking at that Egyptian girl at the market!” Harry looked pissed when you accused him, “I was only looking at what she was wearing!” You crossed your arms in declaration of war, “Oh so you can envision taking them off?” You barked. This wasn’t the first time you two had a fight over jealousy. Even though you both struggled with it, he looked so done with yours at that moment. “No, so I could buy you similar!” He aggressively dove into his bags and pulled out similar jewelry which the girl was wearing and the exact same sandals in your size, “Sorry but her outfit was one of a kind!” he yelled angrily, admitting he wasn’t able to find the garments she wore. You had never felt more stupid in your life. “Harry…I’m sorry. We get so jealous and..just..” you looked for words to say but he had already pressed you up against the wall. “This jealousy is getting out of hand Sabrina,” he breathed with his lips too close to your own, “What will I have to do to prove myself” his hand aggressively ran along your side and pressed against your waist. You burned under his touch as you shot back, “Hey I’m not the only one with the jealousy problem,” pushing a hand against his hard chest. He took a dominant stance back against you and you smirked,”Why are you trying to act so big?” He took the little backhand comment lightly and smirked again himself before grinding his waist into yours, “Because I actually am” he slew you with that remark as his length pressed against you. But he wasn’t letting you off that easy! He pushed up off of you and you came off the wall, “You’re still in trouble for thinking the worst of me today,” He exaggerated a pout, “I’m a genuine good guy” he fought a smile. Wanted to get on with it, You boldly made yourself clear with the question, “I’m sorry. Make up sex?” Harry now stood there with the replica pharaohs staff in hand, he had his arms crossed over his chest, “Sex, yes. But make up? Most definitely not. I’m not letting you off the hook so easily..” a mischievous dimple took over his face. “On your knees!” he commanded with the rod pointed to the floor before you as if a scepter. You held your face from laughing as you slowly lowered to the ground in obedience rather than in fear. You knelt with your hands up above you in ‘surrender’ And yet Harry managed to find fault in your action. He swung the rod between you knelt legs and hit you under your crotch with the curve of the staff. “Ouch!” you screamed. The rod met your clit pretty hard, “What the hell Harry” You retaliate. “Take this seriously. You were smiling..” he said through a wicked smile of his own. The fact that he kept wearing a smile as he ‘tortured’ you, didn’t make it easy to diminish yours. The corner of your lips were dancing in a battle to either keep a straight face or to smile. Harry took the rod from between your legs to raise your chin with it “Since your mouth keeps on working, let’s put it to good use”. With a quick unzip, Harry had his hands to his pants as he withdrew his penis. It was still soft and limp, but it wouldn’t be for long. He held it in his large palm and rolled the tip with his thumb, “If you give me teeth, you will surely regret it” he threatened as he recalled the last time. You gritted your teeth remember how mad he was. You were going to be more than careful this time—you didn’t like finishing on your own. You parted your lips to allow him to enter. Soon enough the tip hit the back of your throat but there was still so much more of him to swallow. His length fell heavy and lifeless along your tongue before you began to suck. As you milked his dick into an erection with the repeated suction of your mouth his precum burned a taste in the back of your throat as it began to seep. The weight in your mouth reduced some, because his length was beginning to hold itself up erect. Gradually veins formed up and down his shaft and pressed your tastebuds. You tightened your throat around him and experienced the thickening of his length stretch your throat. It widened and grew in length to the point in which you gagged. Harry gasped and threw his head back as your esophagus trembled around him. You felt his fingers tangle in your hair and you mirrored the need to grasp unto something, so you wrapped your arms around his waist as you began to bob. “Ohh..” slipped from Harry’s lips in a low moan which excited you a little. His fingers in your hair were massaging your scalp in his rampant clawing and digging that increased with the climbing speed and caliber at which you pleasures him. He began to gasp your name as he leaned forward into you, “Oh shit stop!” Harry shrieked, as his blood flooded to the tip which you accidentally nipped with your teeth. His tip almost doubled in size in your mouth as it swelled before you withdrew in panic, “Oh my gawd Harry I’m so sorry!”.“Sabrina! FuuUuuUcK!” he erupted. He pushed you aside from trying to help him. You were so afraid that you hurt him and that he wouldn’t fuck you. Harry grabbed the staff he had dropped on the floor and he did not look happy. You crawled backwards on your knees until your feet crashed against the wall. He took the rod across your neck and pressed you. His dick was still hung out as he held you to the wall with the rod. “Master..” you whispered and he pressed even harder, “Its Pharaoh to you”. Suddenly he released your neck and you fell forward from the wall gasping for the air you previously were not able to have under his bondage. You raised your eyes up to see that Harry had turned his back on you but the rod remained in his hands. “Take off all your clothes and get on the bed” Harry turned his face towards you in time to caught the frightened look on your face. This was either going to be the best fuck of your life or hell. With a smirk of his lips, you concluded that it was going to be both. The end of the staff met the floor with a crash as Harry slammed it down in attempt to startle you into action. It worked. You sprang to life in flash and hurriedly fumbled with your shirt buttons. Soon enough you were naked and sat on the bed. He pushed you unto your back before he forcefully parted your legs. The rod came in contact with the top of your slit and you closed your eyes. He dug the end through and ran it along the inside of your slit. Your walls trembledAnd produced secretion. You began to arch your back up and higher off the bed as he penetrated deeper and rougher. “Harry!” You screamed as he drew circles within you. Your pleas didn’t cause him to lighten up, instead he pushed the rod into you and began to thrust the staff. You managed to utter breathlessly. You groaned at the penetration, it felt good but wasn’t as good as his cock. The rod was smooth and metallic so it was gliding through you easily but it was very cold. You craved the warmth of him between your legs and you needed that friction only his mass could provide “Pharoah…” you moaned, feeling the staff plummet into you yet again. He pulled out the rod from your pussy which was growing tender and set it aside so he could undress. From your back you watched him take off his clothes and his chiseled features caused you to seep unto the bed as you dug your vision into every toned crevice on his chest and abs. He had not yet taken off his pants but the appearance of his deep v-lines had you touching yourself. Your boobs, your clit, your vaginal. You even reached over for the rod, but Harry wiped his belt from his pant loops and slapped your upper thigh, causing you to recoil. “Don’t fucking touch”. When his pants were lowered, he came over unto the bed and got into all fours over you. He reached down and bent your leg up. His penis now mere inches from your opening. You were thrusting your hips trying to forge penetration but he took one hand to nearly covering your entire waist and pin you down. You tensed up anticipating, and it was getting you nowhere because Harry could see you were uneased. He wasn’t going to enter you like that because he would never get through. He was too big of an insert when you tensed up like that—-your vagina practically closes itself off. He released your waist and allowed you to calm down. You began to shake beneath him as he grew impatient waiting for you. He pushed in. As his thickness plummeted, your walls were ripping on either side of it, tearing apart and reconfiguring together at the blow you were not prepared for. His size overwhelmed you, hitting your gspot instantly. The warmth of your pussy was the perfect environment for his length to grow in. It expanded with a pulsating throb against your very walls that were trying to adjust. You both moaned in unison, as multiple veins popped into places along his penis, expanding your walls further. You hadn’t fully adjusted yet when he began moving. He built up a rhythm as he began to kiss you. Sweat beaded unto his body as his chest pressed unto yours. Harry shook the bed as he thrashed you so hard, the rod ended up rolling off the bed unto the floor with a crash. When his thrusts became sloppy so did his kisses as he trailed from your lips to your jaw and neck before his face found your chest. He continued to dip within you and you wrapped a leg around his waist to eliminate any distance between you and him. His tongue coiled around your hardened tit before he teased it with his teeth, causing you to moan. As you arched your back his hand rubbed your body and slid under your back before resting under your bum. He grabbed a huge amount of ass within his large hand and pushed you up into his thrusts. You lost your fingers in his curls as his cock began to well in its tip. You felt a fire Like heat concentrate in your core as his length twitched in prep to release. Harry quickly stuck to fingers down to pinch your clit to ensure that you cum first. As he pressed your bundle of nerves between his thumb and index finger, he ended you with a final blow in which he had coiled back stretching your right nipple the distance in his mouth, before slamming his splitting tip between his fingers to stab your clit. You felt hot precum spill unto it before Harry directed his massive length to glide back into you. You screamed into Harry’s curls as your excitement took over you, shutting down the feeling in your body everywhere but your vagina. You felt build up flood through, cloating your walls as well as Harry’s penis which was still being thrusted within you as you ejected. He was moaning without stop into each thrust. Soon his hips slowed and he closed his eyes. You felt his strong arms wrap you as he pressed down, pushing deepest he had ever gone that night. He fell flat within you and grew stiff and motionless. Building up rolled quickly from the base of his dick in a hot wave until it blew at the tip. Hot liquid poured from his split slit upon his pulsating head and shot into you as he groaned your name, making you cum a second time. He pulled himself out from you with a strain as he continued to pour. He brought his length up to you, became he knew how much you liked his juice. You weakly parted your lips and he pushed his softening penis into your mouth. Cum quickly filled your cheeks before you swallowed. He was so good to you, you couldn’t feel more like an Egyptian Queen, “What to know something?” You croaked over his dick. Harry’s chest rose and fell several times before he answered, “What’s that love?” You took his cock out from your mouth and held it playfully, “Everyone thinks Cleopatra had it all,” a smile tugged at your lips as you looked to him, “But she didn’t have a Harry Styles.”

Louis Smut Imagine

Here you go! Thanks for waiting (:

“Please may i have a dirty imagine with Louie. My name is francesca”

**************WARNING SMUT*********WARNING SMUT***********

You sat on the sidelines, watching your boyfriend Louis and the boys batttle against a team formed by the boys of 5sos and josh. The score was 2 to 1 with 1D up as calum kicked the soccer ball to Ashton who lost control of it, “Ashton, you were doing so well, then you touched the ball!” Louis sassed before he broke away up field for the goal. Harry and Niall jeered Louis on from their spots at goalie and defence. Liam ran on opposite side open and Zayn had Louis’s right for backup but he dodged michael and josh’s tackles easy enough. Just Luke stood before him now as goalkeeper, “Tomlinson dont shoot!” Luke threatened as Louis got closer. Luke tried to make himself as big as possible and cut off most angles by charging forward. Before Luke could reach him, Louis slipped the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal. Luke who had made a dive to block it, collapsed to the ground and quickly turned his head just in time to see the ball hit the back of the net. “WE’RE SHIT FOOTBALL PLAYERS” Michael shouted in defeat. “GOOOOOAAAAL!” Louis ripped off his shirt and erupted before he ran his sweaty self into a pissed off calum, “Mate, care for some rugby? You Brits wouldn’t stand a chance. Now thats a real sport.” Louis danced around him as he continued his celebration, “Nope, it looks pretty gay to meeee”. Louis had never actually played rugby, and didn’t know a thing about it except that men were in serious contact with each other over an egg shaped ball. The rest of the boys from 1D came over to celebrate their victory and you stood in congratulations, whooping and clapping. “Dont be emo, Emos” Harry teased as Josh and all of 5sos took a seat on the ground in exhaustion and defeat. “Now remember the deal,” Niall cried over to them, “losers buy dinner!” The losing team erupted in unison with a groan. “But you can’t go to dinner like this,” You argued as you made your way towards them, “You all stink!,” Louis tried to hug you in his sweat, “some more than others!” Ashton and Zayn immediately agreed with you, they wanted a shower. “Back to the hotel to wash up. Then the Aussie can take us out” Zayn smirked. “The Aussies AND Josh” Liam corrected because he saw Josh trying to back out causing everyone to break into laughter.

*back at the hotel*

You sat in a chair as you waited for Louis. Everyone agreed on leaving for the restaurant in an hour, and knowing Louis he was going to take 59 minutes in the bathroom and shower. You had did him the favor of laying him out a set of clean clothes to wear when he emerges out from the bathroom, just to save him some time. Sitting by yourself in the room chair, you allowed boredom to take you unto twitter…which you immediately regretted. Your mentions were filled with hate, and they had been since you and Louis started dating. The so called fans were vicious. In fact you feel as if they’ve stepped it up a notch, Eleanor couldn’t have possibly gotten so much hate! Even though your mind was telling you to log out, your fingers kept scrolling through. It was bad enough when people called you unattractive or a fame seeker, but when they compared you to Eleanor it really hurt. {Louis was better off with Eleanor}, {Francesca is a downgrade. We want Elounor back!}, {Flouis wont last as long as Elounor} you kept reading over and over in you mentions. And as if you weren’t dying on the inside enough already, you saw it: {Louis trimmed his beard and I dont like the new style. Changing beards isn’t going to hide the fact that Louis is G-A-Y}
You were decreased to tears when Louis came out of the bathroom. He went to you cautiously with the towel hanging dangerously low around his waist. “What the hell happened?” He knelt before you gently. Through your tears you looked at back at him and shook uncontrollably. Your words wouldn’t leave you and you had so much to say. “They—-” was all you were able to utter. “Francesca, babe. I can’t kick any ass if you dont tell me what happened” Louis was now holding your face in his hands. He was now standing before you awaiting your response. You struggled to muffle your crying. When you were able to control yourself, you took a deep breath, “Am I a beard?” The towel around Louis’ waist fell to the floor the instant you said that. Louis took a step back from you and turned his back. You looked down his toned back and stopped on his amazing butt which cheeks seemed to be clenched,”This can’t be f*cking happening again.” He turned back around to face you and his expression looked just as bold as the buck on his arm. “Look, management isn’t making me date you, I chose to date you. I choose to date you because I like you. And I like you because you’re beautiful firstly, and second I’m not in love with Harry. Dont take hate and shit from people, I hope you will be stronger than Eleanor because she reached a point in which she just couldn’t continue. So sad.” You contorted you face in disbelief, “You’re still in love with Eleanor” you said more as a statement than a question. Louis locked you in place by putting his arms on the chair, “If I were still in love with her, I wouldn’t want to f*ck you right now, now would I?” He picked up your phone that was laying on the table by the chair and flung it across the room. With the acceleration at which he threw it and it hit the wall, you were sure he had broken the source to your torment just a few minutes ago, but you didn’t care at that moment. Louis, still wet from the shower, was naked and dripping all over you as he leaned above you in the chair. You placed your hands on his bare chest to prevent him from squishing you as he assaulted your lips. You kissed him back but denied his tongue access, you knew you two didn’t have time for this. Louis, forcing his way by tugging the hair on the back of your head, caused you to pry open your mouth in a moan. Your hands gave in to the weight applied against you and Louis’ body collapsed on top of you. His hands danced over your body and your breathing picked up when you felt his length twitch against your thigh. “Louis there’s dinner to be had in a few minutes…” You reminded him. He took the bottom of your shirt and raced it over your head,”But I’m hungry now…” you were left frozen as he tossed your shirt aside and his face made contact with your chest. He burrowed his face into your cleavage as he cupped you through your bra. You felt your nipples raise and burn into his hands before he took them between his fingers, through your material, and teased them. He then climbed the arms of the chair and squatted, making his erection level with your face, “Dinner is served”. Without hesitation you consumed him to the back of your throat and gulped, “Oooh. Ooh! Francesca! Eat baby, eat!” Louis groaned as he force fed you by the thrusting of his hips. You removed the length from your throat to focus on his throbbing tip as you massaged his balls in your hand. You opened your mouth wider to take him in again and he jumped at the opportunity to pound into you. He thrusted his waist forward at such strength that he rocked the chair back unto its hind legs and it toppled over with you and him still in it. With the chair under you, you hit the floor with a crash and Louis collapsed accordingly, his dick sparring through your throat. You gagged at the blow, but recovered to thirsty swallowings. Louis pulled himself out and got up over you, “Did you hurt anything?” He asked you concerned as he helped you off the floor. “No, but we broke the chair leg” you brought attention to the broken furniture laying on the floor still. “That chair has a price,” Louis said as he backed you up to the wall,”but this moment is priceless” He pressed you on the wall with his body as he meet your lips hungrily. He only broke his mouth from yours to help you get out of your jeans. With those discarded, he felt that you were already soaking through your underwear. Without wasting time he ripped your panties at their seams and picked you up by your thighs and raised your core to eye level. Placing your legs over his shoulders, he began to eat you out with your back against the wall. You arched you back and bent your neck back in bliss. Your hands tangled in his hair and your eyes went back and forth to the two extremes of either having them closed painfully tight or having them open piercingly bulging. The ceiling was only a few feet away from your contorting face. He has dividing your walls like a Knight, his tongue his double edged sword, and torturing your clit with sucking and swirls. “Lou!” You screamed as his tongue dragged across the length of your slit. Louis slide you down the wall to be lowered to his waist. He lined himself at your entrance and sucked at your lips, then jaw, then neck before slamming into you. You screamed through your adjusting and wrapped your legs around him. He carried you over to the bed and your back soon found the sheets. He reached under you to unhook your bra before he started moving. He rolled his hips into yours tenderly as he sucked on your breasts now exposed. He teased your nipple between his teeth before biting down gently, slowing increasing the pain. With his right hand he began kneading your free boob. You were tugging on his neck and hair as you began thrusting upward. He had stopped moving inside you and you were feeling sexually frustrated with the complacency. Without even thinking twice you raised your hand out of his hair and slapped his ass firmly. Louis stopped his work on your cleavage to look up at you. Attitude completely took over his face and he gave you THAT look. Without warning he started thrusting in and out of you relentlessly, pounding deeper and harder each time as if to punish you. “Oh…my…gawd..” you breathlessly moaned. Suddenly there was a knock at the door before a clearing of a throat, “Hi. Er..uuumm…are you two still coming to dinner..?” Harry could be heard through the door sounding slightly embarrassed. Louis didn’t skip a beat and continued pounding you,”No, we’ll be here. Buh-bye now!” He banished his bandmate. Harry didn’t bother with an argument or questions, “Alright” you heard him say as he backed away from the door, “Two less dinners the Emos have to buy”.

I hope you like it! My first Louis imagine ever ahhh! Thanks for the patience love, hope it was worth the wait (:

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Could I have Niall smut please? My name is Maya

Sorry, im not taking anymore requests at this time. Im working on the ones i already have right now…which is a lot. I’ll let everyone know when im taking requests again


I was 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 before. And I have a few more weeks left of being 19. I’ve gone through my teenage years and I cant say it has always been easy. Seeing the cry of one of my followers recently has driven me to open my inbox to anyone that needs to talk or have someone simply listen to them. Family. School. Relationships. Self image. Advice. Anything at all. Anonymous or not, you can come leave messages. I can provide more than just One Direction Imagines. Lovelies, I give you my time.

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Chill out on the imagine requests. Let me finish some before yall submit more. Im putting a cap on requests. *****IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST AN IMAGINE DO IT NOW OR BEFORE 7PM US CENTRAL TIME TODAY 12/26. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYMORE REQUESTS AFTER THAT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE******. I just need time to catch up, sorry.